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Reina Marino, M.D.
Reina Marino, M.D.

Reina Marino, M.D. of the Delaware County, Pennsylvania has used The HCG diet to help countless patients reduce their body weight and improve their overall health. Patients that are wanting to lose significant amounts of weight fast can benefit from an HCG diet as it causes the body to tap into stored fat and break it down for energy. While on an HCG diet, patients can only consume around 500 calories a day, and this low intake of calories triggers the HCG hormone to take action. The hormone allows the body to break down stored fat to sustain energy levels by keeping the bloodstream saturated with nutrients derived from metabolized fat stores. This is what helps prevent hunger and the many undesirable side effects associated with it.

The HCG Diet Program

The HCG Diet is for people who are considered medically obese or with a body mass index over 20%. The diet is focused on burning only accumulated fat deposits and maintaining lean muscle mass or structural fats needed for a healthy body. The HCG hormone can reduce a person’s appetite as it is releasing several thousand calories in fat each day. While on an HCG diet, there is no exercise plan required because high amounts of exercise can disrupt the body’s metabolism and the function of the HCG hormone. The Philadelphia HCG Diet is unique to other diets, and it has many benefits to make losing weight easier and more effective.

Some of the benefits of the HCG diet include:

  • Reduced Appetite
  • Reduced Food Cravings
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Permanent Weight Loss
  • Reset Metabolism
  • Permanent Weight Loss
  • No Exercise Regimen Required


Physiological Benefits of Weight Loss With HCG

Reina Marino, M.D. is a HCG Doctor in Philadelphia, that has used the HCG diet to help men and women improve their overall health and meet their weight loss goals. Losing weight with a HCG diet program can provide a plethora health improvements and prevent obesity related conditions.

Some of the benefits of weight loss with HCG may include:

More Energy

Because the HCG diet increases metabolic functions, a person can experience more energy and a greater sense of well being. Shedding extra pounds may reduce the body’s workload thus increasing overall energy levels and stamina. In men this reduced body fat often results in lower estrogen levels and improved testosterone production, further increasing energy levels and wellness.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Diets high in sugar content are often associated with obesity, and high amounts of sugar force the pancreas to pump out high levels of insulin. While on the HCG diet, only low sugar foods can be eaten, and people may form new and improved eating habits. Diets lower in sugar can decrease the amount of insulin excreted by the pancreas, which decreases the risk of diabetes.

Healthier Cardiac Function

Healthier heart function can be accomplished by losing weight with an HCG diet plan. A loss of body fat means that the heart has to pump blood to less tissue, which can decrease the amount of stress on the heart. Reduced body fat also reduces the amount of fat in the blood, which can lower the chances of developing clogged arteries.

Healthier Liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is often the result of long-term obesity as excess body fat builds up in the liver and causes inflammation. Increased liver health can result from weight loss as fats stored in the body are eliminated using an HCG diet plan supervised by an HCG diet specialist.

Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a common condition among individuals diagnosed with obesity. Weight loss can decrease the workload of the vessels going to the heart which can help to lower blood pressure.

Reduced Cholesterol

A decreased amount of fat in the blood and a lower intake of animal products can lead to lower cholesterol levels. This effect is compounded with the increased metabolic function as a result of the weight loss and low-calorie diet as part of an HCG diet plan.

Philadelphia HCG Diet Doctor, Reina Marino, M.D. can guide men and women through the details of The HCG Medical Weight Loss program. Countless men and women have been able to meet their weight loss goals and improve their overall health and wellness with the help of a medical professional and the HCG diet.

Call Philadelphia HCG Diet Doctor, Reina Marino, M.D. at Reina Marino, M.D. Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Center at 800-775-5201 Ext. 225 to schedule your initial appointment to discuss your symptoms and learn more about the HCG Diet.